A Master Wang Talk: Navigating History, Compassion, and Healing Through Tea

A Master Wang Talk: Navigating History, Compassion, and Healing Through Tea

In this talk, Master Wang explores the diverse significance of tea, from the humor of the Boston Tea Party to the profound Gong Fu tea ceremony in Chinese culture. Tea challenges stereotypes in the Western representation of Chinese culture, serving as a powerful tool for slowing down in a fast-paced society. Tea emerges as a symbol of compassion and healing within a broader cultural and historical context.


By Master Wang Nov 7, 2011

Here's a funny story about the original tea party in Boston. They were trying to tax tea at some point, the Western countries invaded China in 1800. Masters came back, seeking revenge, but not through violence. What was the revenge? Lipton tea. That's the secret of why we don't have good tea.

Behind this joke is something profound - a daily ceremony called Gong Fu tea. In Chinese, 'Gong Fu' means patience and time, not just martial arts. It's about taking time to appreciate life. For example, when I arrived in China on my last trip back, my mom spent the whole day preparing a twelve-course vegan dinner for us. Her patience and hard work cooking, is Gong Fu. A Gong Fu tea ceremony is a continuous process of serving, sharing, and drinking, allowing us to feel the real powers of life. Tea is a way of life, a practice of patience and time.

Compassion is key in this philosophy. When you see someone's fault, consider it your own because you're part of the collective consciousness. True compassion requires humbleness. In the fast-paced modern society, communication is important, but the essence lies in slowing down, coming together, and embracing a neutral, productive state. Tea is a powerful way to achieve this.

The term 'kung fu' came to the West because of Bruce Lee, who embodied the concept through his physical prowess. However, the representation of Chinese culture in the West often revolves around martial arts or stereotypes. We need to look beyond these misconceptions and appreciate the richness of cultural practices, like the Gong Fu tea ceremony.

To truly understand this country, USA, we must delve into its history. George Washington, an extraordinary president, died in a way that reflects the foundation of the country's consciousness - heroic medicine. Bleeding was a common medical practice back then, and Washington died from one gallon of blood being voluntarily drained. This history shapes the way we perceive medicine and health in the United States.

Studying the history of the country and its builders is essential. The three branches of government - the president, the Congress, and the candidate - condition each other in a positive way. However, understanding who built this structure and why is crucial. Researching and learning about these aspects reveal surprising and sometimes shocking facts, shaping our perspective on the nation's foundations.

The founding fathers were sick men. Suffering and in pain. Tea is medicine and connected to so much of our history. The way of tea is a reminder to be compassionate and take time to heal. 

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