The blessings may continue through the brew

All of these Puers feel like they are from the same family. They're energetically so special. You can tell they came from good years, good people, good energy and good earth. All the hands it came through were happy hands and the blessings may continue through the brew. Each tea has a different spirit, yet all of them are uplifting, a profound comfort where the deepest hydration and medicine are felt. These tea's have all had healing effects on my life.

Talia (Qi Gong Teacher)

ground, center, expand

Plants are our teachers and these teas have taught me so much. What I love about the curation of these clean and deliciously subtle teas is the focus on energetics. These teas, used in a ceremonial context, have been a great aid in my meditation practice, helping me to ground, center, expand, and pay attention to what's going on right in front of me, and inside my body.

Oshan (Tea Tribe)

awakened my spirit

My absolute favorite. The first Pu'erh that awakened my spirit. I absolutely love this tea. Try just a few leaves in a thermos left to brew overnight. life changing!

David (Wu Dang West 16th Generation Master)


Super smooth, rich flavor. Pre-portioned and super easy to brew. Drank this every day for a couple months and love it--- helping me transition from coffee to tea.

Cole (Super Extra Fancy)

beneficial in their own special way

I have been to several tea ceremonies with Anoah and they have all been amazing and educational. All the teas I have been served have felt beneficial in their own special way. Im already excited for the next one. Thank you!

Hansina (Film Maker)

Relate To The Unknown

You never know exactly what to expect when experiencing something for the first time. With tea, every sip allows us to relate to the unknown. Eventually, we can trust and befriend, rather than fear and avoid it.

Puer is always unique and complex. No harvest or brew is quite the same as another. Over the weeks, months, years, both we and the tea change with age. More sensitivity to subtlety grows. Greater appreciation for wider perception — of the sweet and bitter, of the earthy and woody, of the mountains and valleys — of life is the shift and gift.

This is Zen and tea, the way of awakening awareness to the beauty in and around us.

Paul (Acupuncturist)


What is puerh tea?

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Behind the tea today

Meet Anoah East Wang

Since I was born, tea has been in my life.

I spent my childhood in Yunnan China with my family, living with the lands that tea originated from.

Now I continue to bear the torch of our tea lineage through Pure Land Tea.

- Anoah East Wang

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Our Founders Story


Master Wang was a healer first. His goal was to create fundamental lifestyle changes in people's lives. It began as a Chinese medicine clinic in San Francisco and evolved into a temple space called Medicine Buddha, finally tea came into his life and that is how we have Pure Land Tea.


Master Wang held tea ceremonies for the community, and passed forward wisdom and teachings from the Yunnan culture and people to many people. He brought the community together around sustainable construction projects, building a teahouse and permaculture space with the help of community. He called this karma yoga and believed that by recycling trashed materials he was clearing our past karma.


Master Wang was born with an indigenous sense and understanding of tea and its special powers on people and culture. He grew up in a very traditional Chinese Buddhist family in a small village called Teng Chong in Yunnan China. Being steeped in tradition, he knew the power of rituals, and he brought that wisdom with him wherever he went. He could hold space in ways that changed peoples whole lives. He gave people permission to heal and believe in themselves again.

Honor the tea masters

What we love about tea is that is brings appreciation of art, history, time and culture all into one moment.

Tea is the oldest beverage in the world, and so it stands on the shoulders of many giants.

Because of their thousands of years of love and care for the tea trees and land in Yunnan we can enjoy these teas today.

We follow their example and vow to take care of the tea trees and lands so all of our future children can enjoy the same quality of tea as us.

Our Origin Story


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Master Wang

The Rick Rubin Of Tea