Lenore Long - Starting My Day Off Right

Lenore Long - Starting My Day Off Right

A Short Interview With Master Wang's Mother In Law 

Lenore: Let me share some memories about Master Wang's Puer tea. I first discovered Puer tea through Master Wang and his tea ceremonies.

Interviewer: Can you recall some memorable moments or experiences related to drinking Master Wang's Puer tea?

Lenore: Sitting in his tea house at 7th street with the family, chatting while enjoying the tea poured by Master Wang.

Interviewer: How do you remember Master Wang?

Lenore: I'm always remember and am grateful for the help we got from Master Wang. He even fixed a leak in my bedroom! He was always there to help, solving problems and being reliable.

Interviewer: Any special memories or lessons you learned from Master Wang?

Lenore: He had a good sense of humor, and we did a lot of laughing during tea sessions. His sense of humor was unique, sometimes finding funny in things that could be taken seriously.

Interviewer: How did his philosophy or approach to tea resonate with you?

Lenore: Tea became a comfort, a way of sitting calmly and sipping while thinking. I also learned about slurping, a practice not common in the United States.

Interviewer: How has Puer tea become a part of your daily routine?

Lenore: Every morning, the first thing I do is boil the kettle and make my Puer tea. It's a calm and healthy way to start my day.

Interviewer: Can you share any insights or wisdom gained through your journey with Puer tea?

Lenore: I would miss it if I didn't have it in the morning. It's my way of starting the day in a calm and healthy manner, unlike coffee, which I find less enjoyable.

Interviewer: How has your perspective on life or relaxation evolved through the ritual of enjoying Puer tea?

Lenore: Puer tea is a relaxing drink, helping me avoid after-effects like those from coffee. It's a better way of starting my day calmly.


Interviewer: Are there ways in which the tea ritual has helped you find tranquility or purpose in retirement?

Lenore: When I sit with my grandson at a tea ceremony, it's conducive to calmness, conversation, and socialization.


Interviewer: Can you share some anecdotes or stories about Master Wang that have stayed with you?

Lenore: At the old Pureland Tea House, it was wonderful to see Master Wang play the guitar and sing with his daughter. I enjoyed seeing the relationship between Master Wang and his children. He would treat them as adults and was very keen to always impart wisdom. He also taught them hard work ethic. 

Interviewer: How do you feel Master Wang's legacy continues through the Puer tea company?

Lenore: His legacy continues by bringing the influence of Puer into people's lives and introducing them to the health benefits of Puer tea.

Interviewer: Any lesser-known aspects about Master Wang's life or expertise in tea that you could share?

Lenore: He had amazing foresight and tremendous energy to turn visions into reality. For example, at the Pureland Tea House, he built something incredible.

Interviewer: How would you summarize the role of Puer tea in your life?

Lenore: It is the one hot drink that I enjoy every morning, starting my day off right.

Interviewer: What message or advice would you give to those exploring the world of Puer tea?

Lenore: I would suggest trying it and indulging in it to find the enjoyment of it.


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