The Rick Rubin Of Tea

The Rick Rubin Of Tea

Master Wang Puer Producer 

Rick Rubin Music Producer


Like Rick Rubin, Master Wang introduced innovative and unconventional techniques in tea production, blending traditional methods with new approaches, resulting in unique and highly regarded tea creations. He was one of the first to press black tea into a brick and cake, resulting in our two black teas, Ancient Ancestor and Golden Dragon. 


Rick Rubin is known for collaborating with a wide range of artists, bringing diverse talents together to create remarkable music. Similarly, Master Wang fostered collaborations within the tea community, working with other tea masters, farmers, and experts to develop exceptional tea blends and techniques. Master Wang introduced people from the healing arts world to tea culture paving a new way of working with tea as medicine. 

Attention to Essence 

Rick Rubin is respected for his ability to understand an artist's essence and bring it to the forefront of their work. In the same vein, Master Wang had a deep understanding of tea's essence, utilizing his knowledge to accentuate its true character, resulting in teas that truly reflect their origins and exhibit exceptional quality. This brought us Big Snow Essence.


Rick Rubin has mentored and guided numerous artists, nurturing their talents and helping them achieve their fullest potential. Similarly, Master Wang served as a mentor to aspiring tea enthusiasts, imparting his wisdom, sharing his experiences, and cultivating a new generation of tea lover.

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