9 Puer Tea Health Benefits

9 Puer Tea Health Benefits

Although puer tea isn’t yet widely known in the United States, it is gaining fans rapidly. Originating from Yunnan Province in China, this unique tea can do wonders for those who drink it. Anecdotal stories and new research support a range of puer tea health benefits.

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Puer Tea Health Benefits for Your Whole Being

As one of the oldest beverages in the world, tea probably has more real-life testing than just about any other. For centuries, societies have utilized tea for medicinal purposes, and it remains a staple of healthy diets around the globe.

Puer tea is a newer arrival on the tea scene in the Western world but is actually one of the most ancient of drinks. And as such, the health benefits are well-known among enthusiasts. 

Here are nine ways puer tea benefits your mind and body.

1. Weight Loss Tea

There’s no end of weight loss gimmicks on the market, but fortunately, puer tea is not a gimmick. Centuries of Yunnan citizens have enjoyed puer tea for weight loss and as part of a healthy lifestyle. It works as an aid in controlling blood sugar, and lower blood sugar, in turn, helps you maintain a healthy weight. It also appears to help your body burn its fat stores rather than synthesize new fat cells. 

Studies are emerging with promising results, including weight loss and lower BMI. Part of the benefit may be due to the tea’s fermentation. The fermentation process introduces probiotics into the leaves. These beneficial microbes help your gut function properly so that you can enjoy better digestion. 

Sometimes marketed as a Chinese weight loss tea, puer offers tremendous benefits for the entire body. With everything it does to help the gut and reduce inflammation, it may be the best weight loss tea around.

2. Tea to Reduce Cholesterol

Doctors of Chinese medicine frequently have their patients drink puer tea to lower their cholesterol. Puer appears to work in two ways as cholesterol tea. First, it helps the body excrete more fat-containing bile. Second, it reduces fat accumulation in the cells. These benefits combine to make puer a powerful cholesterol-lowering tea. Ripe puer contains lovastatin, which is one of the best cholesterol-lowering agents prescribed by doctors.

There is also some evidence that puer is a good tea to lower blood pressure. The overall heart-health benefits suggest that it could be a good tea for lowering blood pressure. In fact, individuals with very low blood pressure should be sure they do not consume puer on an empty stomach.

3. Cancer-Fighting Tea

Although scientists want to complete more research, drinking puer tea for cancer suppression shows promise. In some studies, puer tea extracts killed oral, colon, and breast cancer cells. There has long been a tradition in many societies of using tea for cancer treatment.

Although puer tea is not an approved medical cancer treatment, it may provide some benefit. It also can aid in settling digestive trouble for patients undergoing traditional therapy. And due to its anti-inflammatory properties, puer may help people avoid cancer as they age. Studies examining puer and white blood cells hold exciting promise. 

4. Puerh Tea and Liver Health

Since puer tea helps lower the body’s fat accumulation, it also can protect the liver. Around 100 million Americans suffer from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). A disturbing number of cases are in young children. NAFLD occurs when the liver has too much fat in it, and it can be quite dangerous.

Using puer tea for liver health may help your body eliminate excess fat so that it doesn’t build up in the liver. As more research becomes available on puer tea and fatty liver disease, we will understand more fully how it works.

5. Puer Tea and Digestion

Puer tea has long been a staple as an after-dinner beverage because of its ability to aid in digestion. It is particularly common for people to drink it after an oily meal. 

As a fermented tea, puer has beneficial probiotics that allow the gut to remain healthy. Drinking puer tea for digestion is an ancient ritual that continues today.

6. Puer Tea for Diabetes

Regular consumption of puer tea helps the body regulate its blood sugar levels. Because of this, many patients feel it is the best tea for diabetes control.

7. Natural Anti-Inflammatory Tea

In general, most natural and unsweetened teas provide excellent anti-inflammatory support. Puer tea is no exception. Full of antioxidants and polyphenols, puer is a fantastic anti-inflammatory tea

Because of these properties, puer tea for skin health is another possibility. Puer appears to protect the skin’s elastin, helping it remain more youthful looking. And its antibacterial component helps prevent acne, making it a great tea for clear skin. 

8. Tea That Gives You Energy

Puer is not a caffeine-free tea, so it can be a lovely energy tea when you need a pick-me-up. But the puer tea caffeine content is lower than that of coffee. So some people who can’t drink coffee can still tolerate puer. Many people in China rely on puer tea for energy and focus. 

9. Calming Tea for Anxiety

Generations of people in China have used puer tea for stress and depression help. Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is present in puer tea and helps regulate and protect the central nervous system. The presence of GABA makes puer an excellent anti-anxiety tea.

Are There Any Puer Tea Side Effects?

Clearly, puer tea is full of healthy benefits. It offers support for heart health, weight control, and stress relief. As with any caffeinated beverage, there can be unwanted side effects if you consume too much puer. Similarly, if you are sensitive to caffeine, you may experience some of the following side effects:

  • Jitteriness
  • Dizziness
  • Lightheadedness
  • Heartburn
  • Irritability

Although puer tea offers a lot of medicinal possibilities, it does not take the place of medical care and advice. Be sure to talk with your provider about specific health concerns.

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